Weathering the Storm(s) on Casco Bay

We’ve all heard someone say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change” when talking about Maine.  And this statement never rings more true than during the winter months. For Portlanders, that rapid swing in weather can be attributed to the wide-blue expanse on the far side of Commercial Street… Read more »

Meet Our Crew – Caity Gildart Works Her CBL Event Magic

When Caity (Baker) Gildart was a kid, she had it pretty good. Every summer she would board the Casco Bay Lines ferry with her dad, mom and sister and head out to her family’s cottage on Peaks Island. Most of us can probably picture the scene. We can imagine how she was feeling just by… Read more »

Prepping for winter? So are we!

As we get ready to flip the calendar to December and an icy chill hits the air, many of us are prepping our homes, cars, and selves (better get out those hats and mittens) for another long winter. Just as you make sure you have a shovel at the ready and heating oil in the… Read more »

Meet our Crew: Larry Legere’s 44 Years on Casco Bay Lines

Larry Legere is known around the terminal as the “unofficial historian” of Casco Bay Lines. And with good reason.  Part of the organization for almost a third of Casco Bay Line’s history, Larry is the go-to guy whenever anyone has a burning question about something from our past. When asked about this observation, Larry just… Read more »

Fueled by French fries: Casco Bay Lines Runs on Biodiesel

Because we have such a close relationship with the sea, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. That’s why, in 2014, we partnered with the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) to switch our beloved fleet of ferries to a biodiesel mix—a renewable fuel made from a combination of… Read more »

David Parker: A Peaks Island and Casco Bay Lines Family Tradition

David Parker loved Peaks Island. He loved it so much that when he went to Korea in 1951 with the Marines, the two things he kept in his wallet were a photo of a girl named Vivian, who would later become his wife, and one Casco Bay Lines ticket for Peaks Island. We recently sat… Read more »

Soak in the beauty of Casco Bay this fall on the Bailey Island Cruise

Mainers know that fall is one of our state’s most beautiful seasons. And what could be better than enjoying the crisp temperatures, vibrant colors of the season, and the beauty of our rugged coastline with us? We can’t think of anything! With the end of summer comes the end of our Bailey Island Run. But… Read more »

Six fun facts you might not know about Casco Bay Lines

We’ve been thinking a lot about our history over the past few weeks – and boy, is there a lot of history to uncover! Here are six fun facts that you might not already know about ferries on Casco Bay: We got our start way back in 1871 sailing steam boats around Casco Bay as… Read more »