Soak in the beauty of Casco Bay this fall on the Bailey Island Cruise

Mainers know that fall is one of our state’s most beautiful seasons. And what could be better than enjoying the crisp temperatures, vibrant colors of the season, and the beauty of our rugged coastline with us? We can’t think of anything! With the end of summer comes the end of our Bailey Island Run. But… Read more »

Six fun facts you might not know about Casco Bay Lines

We’ve been thinking a lot about our history over the past few weeks – and boy, is there a lot of history to uncover! Here are six fun facts that you might not already know about ferries on Casco Bay: We got our start way back in 1871 sailing steam boats around Casco Bay as… Read more »

The ABCs of Cruising Casco Bay

Ahoy, friends of Casco Bay Lines! We spend all day, every day, out on the water, thinking about boats, the weather, and serving the Casco Bay island communities. So, we thought it might be fun to teach you a little about our world—a kind of ABC’s of Casco Bay Lines—so that you can speak our… Read more »

Growing up on Long Island—No, not that Long Island…

The island communities of Casco Bay keep us going strong year-round, and inspire us with their resilience in the face of things like biting winter cold and the challenges isolation that can sometimes come from living on an island. Those who live on Long Island are no exception. This little island, home to 200 people… Read more »

We’re not too proud to brag, Bailey Island boasts a one-of-a-kind landmark

Our island communities have rich histories—from WWII fortifications on Peaks Island to a one-of-a-kind bridge on Bailey Island—we always love bragging about the bay we call home. Bailey Island, a part of the town of Harpswell for over 250 years, sits at the farthest end of one of our most popular summer cruises. People from… Read more »

Not your average concert venue: climb aboard our music cruises

Summer is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited to feel the warm sun on our faces as we cruise around the bay. In a town with some unique concert venues, a ferry service might not be the first place you think of for cool, local music—we think that’s got to change. With the… Read more »

A Cruise that Works as Hard as Dad Does

Whether you live here, or you’re from away, we think you’ll find that hopping on board our Mailboat Run is, hands down, no contest, the most unique and interesting way to cruise Casco Bay. And since we’ve been doing this for over 150 years, we sort of know what we’re talking about. As the oldest… Read more »