Casco Bay Island Transit District, hereafter the District, will make reasonable modifications for persons with transportation disabilities to all islands on all scheduled service. With the exception of the car ferry Machigonne II, whose design allows for main deck boarding and debarking via transfer bridges located on the mainland and Peaks Island, all District ferries are provided with between deck lifts and elevators. Following are the District policies:

Disability and Senior Citizens Policy

The Districts offers tickets at one half (1/2) the regular fare for eligible Disabled and Senior citizens. These tickets can be purchased at the Ticket Office at any time the facilities are open. Tickets are valid for up to 60 days from the date of purchase and are non-transferable.

Half-Fare Definitions

Senior Citizen: An individual 65 years of age or more

Disabled: Any individual who, by reason of illness, age, injury, congenital malfunction or other permanent or temporary (over 90 days) incapacity or disability, is unable, without special planning or design to utilize public transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected.

Disabled w/Service Animal: There is no charge for Service Animals or a PCA traveling with a disabled person.

Forms of Proof 

As a Best Practice, proof of eligibility cards should be accompanied by a photo ID for comparison purposes. Acceptable forms of proof are:

Proof of Age

  • Valid Drivers License or other State or Government issued ID
  • Medicare Card

Proof of Disability

  • Qualified “Reduced Fare Card” with valid date
  • An out of state disability card issued by a transit agency of that state
  • Medicare Card

Customers should provide proof of age or disability eligibility and a photographic ID when requested.


Assisted early boarding and/or wheelchairs are available upon request. Employees will make reasonable modifications to accommodate persons with transportation disabilities, provided there is no risk to the safety and well being of CBITD passengers and employees.

Mobility Aids Policy

It is the policy of The District to provide one (1) mobility aid (wheelchair) onboard each vessel and one mobility aid (wheelchair) at the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal for customer use and assistance. If at any time it may be necessary to ship a customers’ powered wheelchair or scooter, there shall be no charge for this service. Reasons for requiring shipment may include ramp slope, inclement weather conditions such as ice and/or snow, wind and sea conditions, or any other condition or circumstance that present a risk to customers and employees.

Whenever possible, reasonable effort shall be made to allow unassisted boarding of customers utilizing personal wheelchairs, scooters or other types of mobility aid(s), unless such efforts pose a risk to the customer, other customers or employees of the District. As per policy, early and assisted boarding is available upon request.

The following procedures shall be implemented for person utilizing a mobility device requiring assisted boarding and debarking:


Any downward slope of the gangway requires that a wheelchair be backed onboard or off the vessel to prevent the seated person falling forward from the wheelchair. This shall be applicable to any wheelchair, owner operated, District owned and/or assisted by District personnel.

One deckhand shall control the wheelchair from the back side, and one deckhand shall provide assistance from the front side until the wheelchair is on a level and safe surface.

Powered Scooter

Any powered scooter operated by it’s owner either onboard or off the vessel shall require a deckhand at each end of the gangway to provide safety and assistance as necessary. Any deckhand onshore shall assist until the scooter is on a level and safe surface.


Any customer operating a walker either onboard or off the vessel shall require a deckhand at each end of the gangway to provide safety and assistance as necessary. Any deckhand onshore shall assist until the walker is on a level and safe surface.

Other mobility devices

Devices may include cane, crutches, staffs, or any other device designed to assist in mobility. Generally, the procedures relative to walkers shall be deemed applicable.

Persons w/ Hearing, Speech or Visual Disability

Reasonable modifications will be made for person with these disabilities. As an example, sign language interpreters will be made available upon advance request. Person with visual disability may obtain audio schedule and island information by calling (207) 774-7871 to speak with a District agent. TTY, TRS and CapTec services are available by calling 711 from any telephone. The District’s website provides scheduling and island destination information that may be printed in large text format. Additionally, the transit website, provides real time transit information and schedule for the District, Portland METRO and the South Portland Bus Service. The site is “text reader ready” for person with visual disabilities. Onboard the District’s ferries, safety and stop announcements are made via the public address system, and placards and postings provide emergency information. Route maps are available to provide points of information.

ADA Complaints

The District will make every effort to resolve complaints whenever possible to do so. Some issues that may affect person with transportation disabilities, such as ramp slope due to tidal heights, vessel conditions due to weather, passengers capacity limitations, etc. are beyond the control of the District. The Department of Transportation (DOT) encourages complainants to attempt resolution directly with the transportation provider through the Complaint Resolution Officer first, then the DOT if necessary. On board the vessels, the Master shall make every effort to resolve complaints so long as the safety of the vessel, it’s crew and other passengers are not affected. In the cases where resolution can not be made, the Master shall direct the complainant to contact the District’s appointed CRO.

Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) and Complaint Form

The District’s designated Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) will be Michael Bryand, Assistant Operations Manager. Alternately, Nick Mavodones, Operations Manager will act as CRO as necessary.

Complaints may be made in person, in writing or by telephone to the following:

Michael R. Bryand, CRO
Asst. Operations Manager
P.O. Box 4656 DTS
Portland, Maine 04112
207-774-7871 x 133
711 TTY/TRS/CapTech Services

Nick Mavodones
Operations Manager
P.O. Box 4656
Portland, Maine 04112
207-774-7871 x 108
711 TTY/TRS/CapTech Services

DOT Departmental Office of Civil Rights and/or
DOT Office of General Council
1200 New Jersey Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20590

Click below to download a complaint form:

EEO-Title VI-ADA Discrimination Complaint Form

EEO-Title VI-ADA Discrimination Complaint Form (Francais)

EEO-Title VI-ADA Discrimination Complaint Form (Espanol)