Do you take reservations?

No, we do not take reservations for regular passenger service. All of our trips are first-come, first-serve when it comes to boarding the boat. Our tickets are not time or date specific.

Do we need to purchase tickets in advance?

No, there is no need to purchase passenger tickets in advance. Our tickets are not time or date specific, so they do not guarantee you a spot on any specific boat. We recommend arriving at our terminal about 30 minutes ahead of time, which will give you plenty of time to purchase your tickets and wait for the boat to start boarding.

Can I purchase a round-trip ticket?

All of our tickets are round-trip. We collect your tickets when you get on the boat in Portland and you do not need a ticket to board a later boat coming back from the island.

Can I purchase tickets online or over the phone?

We currently only sell Music Cruise tickets online. We do not sell tickets over the phone. All tickets should be purchased at our terminal in Portland.

Where do I park?

While we do not have any parking at the terminal, there is parking in the area. Visit the “Getting Here” page on our website for information about parking, including a map of parking in the area, as well as directions to the terminal.

How do I transport my vehicle to Peaks Island? 

The Machigonne II is the car ferry used to transport vehicles to Peaks Island. All vehicle tickets to Peaks Island are first-come, first-served.  All vehicle tickets to Peaks Island are round trip. The vehicle ticket includes transportation of the driver only, any additional passengers need tickets. More information about schedules, rates and commercial vehicle transport can be found on the “Vehicle Rates to Peaks Island” page of our website. 

Do you transport vehicles to other islands? 

Casco Bay Lines transports cars and light pickup trucks to Great Diamond, Long Island, Chebeague Island, and Cliff Island aboard the Maquoit II. This is not a regularly scheduled service; reservations are required and are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. More information, and a reservation request form, can be found on the “Vehicle Rates Downbay” page of our website. 

Are dogs allowed on the boats?

Yes, although please be aware that dogs need their own tickets, unless they are in a pet carrier or are a service animal. All dogs need to be on a leash. Dog tickets are $4.50.

Do I need a ticket for a bike?

Yes, you need to purchase a separate ticket for a bike. Bike tickets for adults are $7.00 and $3.50 for children.

Do you sell food and drink on the boats?

There are vending machines with soda and water, but we do not sell any food on the boats. You are more than welcome to bring any kind of food or drink with you. The only exception is our music cruises which offer bar service and don’t allow personal alcoholic beverages to be brought on board.


Still have questions? Feel free to call us at (207) 774-7871 or send an email to moc.s1720933084enily1720933084abocs1720933084ac@of1720933084ni1720933084.