Springing to life on Casco Bay

The calendar may say spring, but recent temperatures and weather patterns remind us that April can still be winter-like here in Maine. The arrival of spring break has kids (and parents) dreaming of the end of school and long summer days. With warmer weather on the way, we thought it might be fun to dream… Read more »

What’s in a name? Exploring the heritage of Casco Bay.

Evidence of early Native American life has been found throughout Casco Bay’s islands. Rich estuaries filled with fish, lobsters, and other sea life brought many tribes closer to the coast during the spring and summer months before retreating to an inland stronghold for the winter. The islands of Casco Bay provided a summer retreat—a place… Read more »

Following the Compass Arrow: Navigating Casco Bay

Our captains know their stuff. On a calm, clear day, they know the route to Peaks Island or down the bay like the backs of their hands. But Maine weather isn’t always peaceful. Have you ever wondered how we navigate through fog as thick as pea soup or a blizzard with snow blowing sideways? The… Read more »

Meet Our Crew – Captain Bill Wanzer, a Man of the People

On the warmest day of February, with the fog lifting, Captain Bill Wanzer stands in his floating office atop the Machigonne II. It’s his first run of the day out to Peaks. “This morning in the fog was pretty challenging, visibility and weather is a big challenge,” he tells me as the last of the… Read more »

Cruising Casco Bay isn’t just a summer thing

When you think of Casco Bay Lines, your mind probably drifts off to warm, sunny days in July—toting your kids and their sand toys off to one of the islands for a day in the sun. Our friend Shannon over at FitMaine recently braved the elements for a winter trip to Peaks Island—exploring Battery Steele,… Read more »

Weathering the Storm(s) on Casco Bay

We’ve all heard someone say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change” when talking about Maine.  And this statement never rings more true than during the winter months. For Portlanders, that rapid swing in weather can be attributed to the wide-blue expanse on the far side of Commercial Street… Read more »

Meet Our Crew – Caity Gildart Works Her CBL Event Magic

When Caity (Baker) Gildart was a kid, she had it pretty good. Every summer she would board the Casco Bay Lines ferry with her dad, mom and sister and head out to her family’s cottage on Peaks Island. Most of us can probably picture the scene. We can imagine how she was feeling just by… Read more »

Prepping for winter? So are we!

As we get ready to flip the calendar to December and an icy chill hits the air, many of us are prepping our homes, cars, and selves (better get out those hats and mittens) for another long winter. Just as you make sure you have a shovel at the ready and heating oil in the… Read more »