The Casco Bay Island Transit District (CBITD) Board of Directors voted to adopt a Peaks Island Residential Boarding Policy, closely resembling what was recommended by the Operations Committee, at their March 2021 meeting.

The Peaks Island Residential Boarding Pass is being offered as part of a one-year pilot program expected to take effect with the summer sailing schedule (June 19, 2021) for Peaks Island residents who wish to board the boat first. The pass does not serve as fare for the trip, which must be purchased separately.

The intent of this program is to ensure space available onboard each trip for passengers that meet the definition of a resident. The program will not arbitrarily distinguish between residents and non-residents, nor will it discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Regular and continuing ferry services to the general public will be maintained at all times.

Getting Started

Casco Bay Lines (CBL) staff are working to implement the pilot program. We encourage those who are interested to review the FAQs below and begin gathering documents for your application. Additional details, including the date that passes can be purchased, will be posted here as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is eligible to purchase/use a pass?

Residents of Peaks Island are eligible to purchase and use a pass. For the purposes of this program, a resident is defined below in our policy section and includes year-round and seasonal residents.  It does not include guests, other relatives, or friends.

2) How do I use my pass?

To use your pass when departing from Portland, you must arrive at your gate, with your ticket and your pass in hand, fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and wait in a line in the designated area prior to boarding. To use your pass when departing Peaks Island, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, with your pass in hand, and wait in a line in the designated area prior to boarding. CBL staff will then direct pass holders from this area to board first.

3) How do I apply for my pass?

Applications are not yet available for the pass. We will announce a date in the coming weeks. Once available, applications for the 1,500 passes we will issue as part of the pilot program will be accepted on a rolling basis during an initial four-week period.

4) Can I apply online?

Yes, we anticipate that residents will be able to apply in-person at the terminal or online.

5) How much will the pass cost?

A public hearing on the fee associated with the pass will be held at the CBITD Board meeting schedule for April 22, 2021.

6) When will my pass be valid?

Your pass will be valid for one year from the date it is issued. At this time, we expect the pilot program to take effect with the summer sailing schedule (June 19, 2021).

7) What if I already have an Annual or Monthly Frequent Rider Pass?

CBL staff are working to develop a combined Frequent Rider and Peaks Island Residential Pass. Until such time as the combined pass is available, you may need to carry both passes.

8) Who should I contact with questions?

Please direct any questions to moc.s1619120845enily1619120845abosa1619120845c@ofn1619120845i1619120845.

The CBITD policy concerning Peaks Island Residential Passes includes the following:

  • The definition of a resident is as follows: (a) persons domiciled on Peaks Island; (b) persons who own property on Peaks Island and pay property taxes to the City of Portland; and (c) their spouses, partners, or dependents.  This includes year-round and seasonal residents (including leaseholders).  It does not include guests, other relatives, or friends.
  • The program will not impede the public’s right to travel nor consistently deny ferry service access to non-Islanders and will have, at most, a negligible or minor impact on the ability of non-Islanders to use its ferry services.
  • The program will designate a minority percentage of a ferry’s maximum capacity to residents, set a cap on the number of passes issued, and, ensure that non-Islanders make up a majority of passengers on each trip to and from Peaks Island. The maximum percentage that will be designated to resident pass holders will be forty (40) percent of the respective vessel’s designated capacity.  A cap of 1,500 annual passes will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Depending upon demand, this number may need to be adjusted upward.
  • Pass holders must arrive at the respective terminal fifteen (15) minutes prior to departure time and wait in a designated area prior to boarding.
  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year; however, given what is anticipated to be a high level of interest, a four (4) week period during the spring of 2021 will be identified for acceptance of Priority Boarding Pass Applications.
  • Applications will be accepted in person or online. Renewals may be processed either in person, via mail or electronically (this will depend upon ticketing software in use). An applicant must submit at least two (2) of the following documents: property tax bill; rental agreement; motor vehicle registration; driver’s license; hunting or fishing license; utility bill; property insurance bill; or, other evidence of Peaks Island residency that is acceptable to Casco Bay Lines.
  • Once submitted, an application and documentation will be reviewed by District personnel. Provided the applicant meets the criteria (as outlined above), the pass or passes will be issued. In the event an application does not meet the criteria, the applicant will be notified in writing and an explanation for the denial provided.
  • An applicant will have the right to appeal a denial to the General Manager or her/his designee. The decision of the General Manager or her/his designee will be final.