A Cruise that Works as Hard as Dad Does

Whether you live here, or you’re from away, we think you’ll find that hopping on board our Mailboat Run is, hands down, no contest, the most unique and interesting way to cruise Casco Bay. And since we’ve been doing this for over 150 years, we sort of know what we’re talking about.

As the oldest running service of its kind, our Mailboat run not only delivers the mail and other goods to islanders, it offers landlubbers a glimpse at the realities of island life and the opportunity to adventure along Maine’s rugged coastline. And (hint hint) Father’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to try this adventure on for size. Hat tip to our friends over at WJBQ: great minds think alike!

Here’s the deal. The Maquoit II typically makes the Mailboat Run every day (see most updated schedule here). Plan to arrive a little early and give yourself time to buy your ticket and watch our amazing crew work their magic, loading cargo, and readying the ninety three ton vessel for take-off.

Hopefully you’ve packed your sunscreen and your cooler – both will come in handy once you pick your spot on the deck. Of course, for those not as eager to face the elements, there is indoor seating. Once everyone’s settled, the boat’s captain will welcome you aboard as the crew drops the lines.

Portland’s true working waterfront will be on display, lobstermen hauling traps and cargo ships chugging in and out of the harbor, as you relax and leave your yardwork and the honey-do list behind.

The city fading into the background, now is the time to break into that cooler. With any luck, you’ll find some snacks and maybe a cold one for Dad from any one of Portland’s own breweries. Indulge as you watch the lobster buoys bob past and seals play in the wake.

This cruise stops at five islands to unload cargo: Little Diamond, Great Diamond, Long, Cliff, and Chebeague.

And for the history buff Dads out there. We see you. The Captain will point out some of Portland’s coolest historical landmarks including Ft. Gorges – a fort that never saw battle, but seems to still stand guard over the harbor—and Luckse Sound – where ships were sunk during WWII to keep enemy submarines out of the harbor. Wicked. Cool.

When the Maquoit II makes its final turn around at Cliff Island, you might find it hard to imagine heading back to reality. Maybe Dad wants to hop on the Sunset Run cruise and keep going. We wouldn’t blame him. There’s nothing better than adventure with family. Happy cruising!