Cruising Casco Bay Isn’t Just a Summer Thing

When you think of Casco Bay Lines, your mind probably drifts off to warm, sunny days in July—toting your kids and their sand toys off to one of the islands for a day in the sun.

Our friend Shannon over at FitMaine braved the elements for an off-season trip to Peaks Island—exploring Battery Steele, walking along Seashore Avenue, and scrambling along the rocks at Torrington Point are just as much fun during colder weather.

Shannon’s trip inspired us. We know that the brisk months are just as great for cruising Casco Bay, but maybe everyone would like a friendly reminder!

Casco Bay is no less beautiful in the off-season and our cabins are heated, so you’ll stay toasty warm while gliding through the sea smoke on the way to your destination. Take a page out of the FitMaine book and pack your snow clothes, a thermos full of hot cocoa or coffee, and some lunch before heading out to explore the snowy and rocky coast of Peaks, Great Diamond, Long, Chebeague, or Cliff Islands.

Of course, you can head out to any of the islands on our regular trips year round, but did you know that some of your summer cruise favorites happen year round too?

If outdoor exploring in cooler weather isn’t your thing, grab that picnic lunch and hop aboard the mailboat for a cruise. The boat leaves the dock daily at 10 a.m. and again at 2:45 p.m. and you can take in the sights, learn about the history of Casco Bay, and watch the Maquoit II unload freight down the bay. You can watch Casco Bay’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets out on the water (even in the middle of February) without ever having to leave the boat.

In our opinion, there’s no bad time, or wrong way, to explore Casco Bay on a Casco Bay Lines ferry. Check out our website for more information and our cruise schedule.