At Casco Bay Lines, Safety is Our Anchor

When it comes to safety, we like to seas the day at Casco Bay Lines. Recently, we held a “Skills & Drills” training to ensure our team is prepared for any situation that might arise on the water. This training not only reinforces essential safety protocols but also fosters teamwork and camaraderie among our crew members – no one likes a mutiny. Here’s a glimpse into what makes working at Casco Bay Lines both rewarding and enjoyable.

A Day of Learning and Mastery

The afternoon sun had just begun to peak across Casco Bay as our crew members gathered aboard the Wabanaki for some hands-on training. The training covered a variety of scenarios, from routine safety checks, like how to safely load freight, to emergency response scenarios, like a man-overboard drill. Our aim was to ensure that each crew member, regardless of their role, was well-versed in the procedures that keep our passengers, vessels, and communities safe. 

We’re not just cruising through training; we’re sailing towards excellence!

Teamwork and Camaraderie

One of the highlights of the training was the sense of teamwork that permeated the day. Crew members from different boats and shifts came together, sharing their knowledge and experiences. It was a fantastic opportunity for newer crew members to learn from seasoned veterans, and for everyone to practice working together in high-pressure situations. The drills included man-overboard rescues, fire suppression exercises, and medical emergency responses, all of which require precise coordination and clear communication.

Training gives us a chance to not only sharpen our skills but also build stronger bonds with each other. It’s reassuring to know that in an emergency, we can rely on our team to act quickly and effectively.

The Fun Side of Training

While the primary focus of the day was safety, there was plenty of room for fun and laughter. Between drills, crew members shared stories and enjoyed the beautiful views of Casco Bay. Practicing man-overboard rescues, for instance, saw some good-natured competition over who could execute the fastest and most efficient recovery. Days like this remind us why we love working on the water, especially when getting a sea salt bath while practicing fire suppression.

Committed to Navigating the Seas of Safety

Our “Skills & Drills” training is just one part of our ongoing commitment to safety at Casco Bay Lines. We conduct regular training sessions and continuously update our safety protocols to stay ahead of any potential hazards. Our crew members are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest improvements, ensuring that our safety measures are always evolving. At the end of the bay (ha), we’re all in the same boat, and when there’s a will, there’s a wave!