Sustainability is Our Maine Thing: Introducing Our New Sustainability Committee

Sometimes you need to toot your own horn, especially when you have some ferry-tastic news to share. As we head into warmer summer weather, we are excited to introduce our new Sustainability Committee, and some of the action steps they have already taken as we continue to look for ways to better serve our communities. 

As the “lifeline” for island residents – providing all passengers with safe, affordable, dependable and reliable transportation for more than forty years – we know that sustainability starts and ends with community. We also know that the choices we make today will have a ripple effect on the environments we operate in now and in years to come. 

Our Sustainability Committee members are employees, Board members, marine lovers, environmental stewards, and most importantly, keenly aware of the constant changes that our Bay is going through and FILLED with ideas on how we can help to protect the waters we all love. For example, our new vessel now under construction, Battery Steele, will be one of the first public passenger ferries in the United States to utilize innovative diesel-electric hybrid propulsion technology. Reducing emissions is just one area that we are investing in. We are also looking to actively reduce passenger carbon impact and promote a more environmentally friendly travel experience for customers through opportunities such as minimizing food waste, increasing recycling, establishing sustainable water solutions by reducing single-use plastics through a new water bottle filling station, and much more:

  • Reduced shrink wrap usage;
  • Using lobster trap stock on sides of carts instead of shrink wrap;
  • Reducing the use of paper by going digital;
  • Encouraging the reduction of emissions through no idling signs; 
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel/Biofuel 80/20 mix;
  • Migrating to LED lights;
  • Recycling containers in Waiting Room and employee areas;
  • Heat pumps in Terminal;
  • Whenever possible, switch from ship’s power to shore power;
  • And a new hybrid vessel; second vessel to be designed will include some form of hybrid propulsion.

To us, sustainable practices are not a business imperative, nor a corporate social responsibility goal, it’s the Maine thing – it’s fundamental to the future of Casco Bay and, therefore, Casco Bay Lines. More information about our committees and a schedule of meetings can be found on our website. We encourage you to join the effort and follow along as we sail through these changing times with community front and center.