Car Ferry Offline Starting Monday 3/20

It is anticipated the Machigonne II will be delivered to the shipyard for a routine dry dock and Coast Guard hull inspection on Monday, March 20th. Depending upon weather and the schedule for repairs, she may be at the yard for approximately 6-8 weeks. During this period of time, as is the customary practice, Lionel Plante Associates will provide vehicle… Read more »

RFP for Phase II Terminal Improvements at Casco Bay Lines

The RFP for Phase II Terminal Improvement is out and available for those interested in submitting, documents are as follows 2017 RFP CBL Phase II Terminal DBE Consultant Utilization Form Master Plan 2012 07 18 Questions and Clarifications to RFP 1-25-2017 CostProposal-Form12-14-16 The Casco Bay Island Transit District, a quasi-municipal ferry boat operator in Casco… Read more »