Car Ferry Offline

Important Service Announcement: The car ferry Machigonne will be offline on Monday, October 19th after the 7:45 am trip from Portland (8:15 am trip from Peaks Island) for MDOT transfer bridge maintenance. It will be back online beginning with the 2:15 pm trip from Portland (2:45 pm from Peaks Island). A passenger boat will provide… Read more »

Board of Directors Votes-September 2015

At its September 26th meeting, the Transit District Board of Directors approved the following Sailing Schedule modifications: To continue the 6:45 AM trial service from Portland to Peaks Island on Sundays and Holidays on a permanent, year-round basis To discontinue the 10:30 PM trial service from Portland to Peaks Island on Sundays and Holidays during… Read more »

Board of Directors Elections – 2015

The candidates for the November 3rd election are: Peaks Island Seat (3 yr term) Dan Doane 364 Island Ave. Peaks Island, ME 04108 Long Island Seat (3 yr term) Bill Overlock 88 Island Ave. Long Island, ME 04050 Chebeague Island Seat (3 yr term) Peter Pellerin 180 North Rd. Chebeague Island, ME 04108 Islands At-Large… Read more »

No Smoking Policy at Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal

The new smoking policy, which covers employees and members of the public, prohibits smoking and the use of smokeless cigarettes within 35′ of the Terminal building and all boarding gates; on the transfer bridge; and, those areas outside of the 35′ boundary along the water’s edge that extends from Gate 1 through Gate 4. Keep… Read more »