CBITD Terminal Renovation Phase II/Phase III Underway

Construction activities are underway at the terminal for Phase II/Phase III of the Terminal Renovation Project.

Over the holidays, administrative staff were relocated into temporary offices and construction crews arrived onsite to begin preparations for future demolition.

Visitors to the terminal this month will notice that fencing has gone up and temporary pedestrian walkways have been put in place to ensure safety as limited demolition activities have begun. Please abide by all construction signage to ensure site safety.

We will be working hard to complete as much construction as possible during the off-season. Renovations are expected to take approximately 18 months to complete with very limited impact on our customers.

More information on the project is available here on our website.

Project updates will be posted on the website and sent via our enewsletter. We encourage anyone with additional questions or feedback to email moc.s1720934710enily1720934710abocs1720934710ac@tc1720934710ejorp1720934710noita1720934710voner1720934710lanim1720934710ret1720934710.