School is in Session: Time to Test Your Casco Bay Lines Knowledge

Are you ready to flex your mental muscle? We had so much fun with our #CruiseCascoBay photo contest that we thought we’d beat the end-of-summer-blues with another contest, but this time we’ve got something new up our sleeves – Casco Bay Lines Vessel Trivia!

Over the summer, we showered the islands of Casco Bay with love, but this fall we thought it was about time for our lovely ladies to get some admiration. Our iconic ferries transport over one million passengers, 30,000 vehicles, and over 500,000 pieces of freight each year. Our website, brochure, blog, and Facebook page are chock full of fun facts about our five best girls, and each week through November 9 we’ll post a trivia question about one of them.

Need some incentive to study up?

The first person to answer correctly each week will win two vouchers for one of our specialty cruises. Summer may be over, but the beauty of Casco Bay is on full display during the autumn months! In our opinion, you can’t get more quintessentially fall in Maine than a Casco Bay Lines cruise – a scarf, a pumpkin spice latte in hand, and the deep blue of the bay contrasting with the golds, reds, and oranges of the leaves….we’re relaxed just thinking about it.

To jump-start your studying, it’s time for the world premiere of our Vessels video, created by our friends at Red Stallion Media! Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the first trivia question next week – and don’t worry, we’ll post a reminder before the first question goes live!