Navigating Through Terminal Renovations

As we look ahead to the final phases of our multi-year, major construction initiative known as the Terminal Renovation Project, our team decided to sit down with our Construction Manager, the experts over at Landry/French Construction, to get their perspective on what goes on behind-the-scenes during a renovation project like this one!

Landry/French Construction is a leading commercial construction management company based in Scarborough, ME. Matt Gagnon, Senior Project Manager for Landry/French, has been working on this project since 2013 when we began the initial Phase I Renovation. Matt oversees construction from start to finish, taking a multifaceted approach and looking at the big picture (or a “10,000-foot view,” as he calls it!)

Matt’s sky-high perspective is quite grounded and practical, and is a testament to Landry/French’s can-do attitude and thoughtful approach. Since being selected as Construction Manager for this project, Landry/French has worked closely and collaboratively with our team to prioritize safety and ensure CBL’s operations remained uninterrupted. Their team prides itself on its dedication to safety, community wellbeing, and open communication — and it shows!

Throughout the project, the Landry/French team has successfully navigated the challenges of executing the renovation on an extremely active site – CBL is a public transit operator open 365 days a year with heavy pedestrian, vehicle, and freight traffic.

“Landry/French’s top priority on this project is to ensure that our work does not interrupt CBL operations. To achieve this, our team worked closely with CBL to navigate the busy site portion, developed a plan to utilize Compass Park for laydown and temporary offices, and worked with the City and community to safely set up the marine barge and crane,” Matt says.

Landry/French’s focus on flexibility and collaboration made this all possible, as their team was able to seamlessly adjust plans as needed, prioritizing efficiency without compromising safety. Phase II/Phase III added a new layer of complexity into the mix: how do you construct an entirely new second floor in an occupied building?

Timing really is everything, Matt says. From the installation of a new roof to the pouring of concrete, everything was carefully timed and scheduled to maintain the continuation of CBL’s services with minimal disruption. “The design team figured out the most important piece and relocated the occupants out of the lower level. This seems like an easy task, but careful planning and timing needed to happen to be sure there was little to no down time for the operations and management staff,” Matt explains.

Although the CBL team and Landry/French were well-prepared for the logistical challenges around working on an active site, there was one challenge that we did not foresee happening when we began: the COVID-19 pandemic. Matt candidly expresses how COVID-19 posed significant challenges, from impacting the workforce to causing delays and impacting the availability of materials. The solution? It’s all about teamwork! “Landry/French has successfully navigated those issues by maintaining our commitment to health and safety, being open and honest with CBL, and working through those issues as a team,” explains Matt.

Working together as a team has not only been successful, it’s also been fun! Matt expresses that the most rewarding aspect of this project has been the opportunity to work alongside CBL and develop a partnership with our team. (The feeling is mutual!) Along with our collaboration, Matt explains that being able to see the end result is especially gratifying.

“I’ve been doing this type of work for over 20 years, and the thing that I look forward to the most is seeing the finished product. Sometimes we get so focused on making sure the project is a success that we don’t take the time to appreciate the positive impact that the result will have. I’m excited to visit the site once it’s all finished and, of course, look forward to taking a relaxing boat ride to the islands!”

Thank you, Matt, and thank you to the entire Landry/French team for all your hard work! Looking for more info on our Terminal Renovation Project? Click here for details and to stay informed of the latest updates!