How Casco Bay Lines Teamed Up With Red Stallion Media to Create Cruising Magic

Have you ever tried to operate a drone from a moving ferry? No? Well, we hadn’t either. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. And we had a mission – a clear goal in our mind. You see, we get to work here. We get to experience the beauty of Casco Bay every day. We know that feeling you get when the horn blows, the sun is shining and the Aucocisco is pointing towards adventure and possibility. But how could we bottle that up? How could we share that feeling with someone sitting in their living room far away and scrolling through the endless barrage of content served up on their device every day? Answer: Portland, Maine based Red Stallion Media. And drones. And sunshine.

We asked Jason Bosch, video story-teller extraordinaire, some questions about Red Stallion Media and the experience of creating Casco Bay cruising magic.

Tell me a little bit about Red Stallion?

Jason:  We started in 2012. We’re a small shop – me and my friend Ryan. Since day one, our goal has been to create cinematic videos for our clients without breaking their bank. We wanted to help local companies make local commercials feel a little cooler.

You saw an opportunity to provide a service to your home state?  

Jason:  Yea! We didn’t want to sell out. We wanted to make something cool. Work with people doing good things. Like with Casco Bay Lines, we like what you do and we want to help you tell your story. We’re always striving to capture meaningful imagery that tells a story.  We’re just two Maine guys but we can do everything from 3D shots to music engineering. We take a lot of pride in what we do. We want to make content that’s actually worth watching. There’s so much content out there that you have to do something interesting if you want to stand out.

What was the Casco Bay Lines shoot like? 

Jason:  Definitely an adventure! We shot over a handful of days to get the best weather. We were going to do drone shots on the first day, but there were clouds first thing in the morning and the sun never came through. So we came back and did another day and brought the drones on the ferries. That was interesting. At first the drone wouldn’t take off because of a GPS error – we think because of interference from the GPS system on the boat. We were nervous that even if we could get it up in the air, we wouldn’t get it back. The GPS tells the drone where it took off and  where to come back to. Which doesn’t work as easily when you’re on a moving boat. The GPS also keeps the drone steady in windy conditions, pushing it back to hold its position. There were several times that we had to grab the drone with our hands and pull it in to a safe landing. But we made it work and the resulting footage was fantastic.

Obviously, we had a vision going into this project. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Jason:  We really wanted to was make sure this was authentic. The first time I went on the ferry, it was a huge deal. And we wanted people to experience this – experience what we feel when we first get out on the bay, the sights, sounds, and smells. We wanted to show others what its really like to be out on the Maine coast, exploring these islands. This should be part of any trip to Maine. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Do you have a favorite shot?

Jason:  Right when the music comes up there’s a great shot of the boat. We’re circling overhead. We wanted to make people really feel just how cool the experience is and I think this shot nailed that feeling. I also love the drone shot directly looking down at the boat. It’s a different and interesting perspective.

Now for the most important question. Will you be cruising Casco Bay this summer?

Jason:  Absolutely! We go to Peaks Island all the time. But now, after the shoot, I’ve realized there are so many other islands to explore.  I’ll definitely be out there cruising this summer with my drone to see what else I can capture.

Well, there you have it folks. We agree with Jason – the video is kind of awesome. Here’s a sneak peek at the final cut. Visit, share your info, and we’ll send you a first look at the full length version. We’ll see you on the water!