2017 Schedule and Fleet Analysis Project

Casco Bay Lines Kicks Off 2017 Fleet and Schedule Analysis Project Casco Bay Island Transit District, also known as Casco Bay Lines, has begun work this month on a formal analysis of the existing ferry schedule and fleet of vessels. The project comes in response to needs identified by the Board of Directors in strategic planning sessions taking place over the course of the past two years and will be conducted in partnership with a marine transportation consulting team. As part of the analysis, the project team will be closely examining several aspects of Casco Bay Lines’ operations including ridership and freight data, financial data, existing schedule, and capacity of the current fleet of vessels.

A special committee, serving in an advisory role to the Casco Bay Lines Board of Directors, is overseeing the project. The committee includes Casco Bay Lines staff, members of the Casco Bay Lines Board of Directors and members of the general public representing the islands served by the ferry system.

The analysis is scheduled to take place over the next six months. The special committee will ultimately provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors as to whether Casco Bay Lines’ fleet of vessels should be changed, which vessel in the current fleet should be replaced first,  whether there are opportunities for schedule optimization, and a best practice for handling schedule changes in the future.

Input from the public will be a critical component of the analysis. In addition to several public meetings, Casco Bay Lines will be seeking public input through an anonymous survey with questions focusing on various aspects of the sailing schedule and ferry usage. The needs of all ferry riders, as expressed through this feedback, will be considered as part of the final recommendations to ensure that any changes are designed to best serve the entire community.

Historically, Casco Bay Lines has made schedule and fleet changes in response to isolated concerns. This project represents the first time the transit district has undertaken a more comprehensive review. The analysis may uncover key changes that could improve convenience for riders and maximize operational efficiency. Alternatively, findings may suggest that the current schedule and fleet are in need of very few changes.

Ultimately, the goal of the project is to continue to constantly improve service through purposeful change while also balancing the viability and sustainability of the Transit District.   We are passionate about our mission to serve Casco Bay’s island communities and visitors with year-round passenger, freight and vehicle ferry service and we look forward to providing updates throughout this exciting project.

On August 29th, 2017, a public open house will be held at the Casco Bay Lines terminal in Portland from 1:30 – 6:30 pm to share information about the project. Presentations will be made throughout the afternoon with opportunities for attendees to ask questions and complete a public input survey.

Questions? Contact: Paul Pottle, Director of Projects for Casco Bay Lines at 207-774-7871 or paulp@cascobaylines.com.